GDU Drones

GDU Drones

GDU Drones for Sale in South Africa

Are you looking for a GDU Drones for sale? Look no further! Drone Depot has a wide range of GDU Drones for sale for you to choose from.

GDU Drones is a fresh, innovative and forward-thinking take on the contemporary UAV industry. GDU Drones fully focus on the comprehensive research, development, design and production of unmanned aerial vehicles and strive to not only offer concierge-style customer service, but a truly fascinating flying experience for all.

Sporting one of the world’s smallest 3-axis stabilized camera gimbals, the GDU 02 Plus is a direct competition to the newly revamped DJI Mavic Pro Platinum. The GDU 02 (Plus) is the first drone that can shoot videos in time-lapse and in slow motion with no additional editing.

Are you looking for a GDU Drones? See our range of GDU Drones below and order online or contact us to discuss all your individual requirements with a GDU Drones specialist that can help guide you towards choosing the ideal GDU Drones for your budget and needs.

Take note of the Rules and Regulations pertaining to Flying Drones in South Africa. We recommend you read the following Adventure Hub article: "Flying Drones in South Africa, Rules & Regulations"

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